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Client Testimonials

Call Us: 212-213-3760

"What truly distinguishes Mongo Media from other firms is the attentive professional relationships their staff has cultivated with their clients. It is the outstanding, personalized and confident customer service that keeps us committed to Mongo Media."

- Jan Ramirez, Director of Collections, Chief Curator, 9/11 Memorial Museum

"Mongo media’s no-nonsense approach to customer service is as pitch-perfect as their post-production services. In addition to being able to meet incredibly tight deadlines on short notice with top notch results, friendly, knowledgeable help is always a mere phone call away."

- Jeff Bergstrom, Audio Visual Manager at the Whitney Museum of American Art

"I can't think of a single time that Mongo Media hasn't delivered exactly what we needed and, even better, solved some problems that had all our heads spinning.  I wish everyone we worked with could be as thorough, reliable, cordial and pleasant . . .it is a huMONGOusly great outfit!"

- David H. Katzive, Executive Producer, Ruder Finn Broadcast, RF Innovation Studios

"Rich sets the standard for excellence at Mongo. Rich is my go-to person for lots of post-production needs, especially for time-sensitive work. Rich's attention to detail and personable manner make Mongo a breath of fresh air and a great facility to do business with"

- Director, East Coast Production at HBO

"Rich Gentilcore of Mongo Media is always there when we need him. Whether it is a simple question to help us move content forward or a complex data packaging of 128 titles! Thanks Rich."

- Susan Johnston, Founder/Director of New Media Festival

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